When it comes to shopping for the blogger in your life you want to make sure you get them something extra special! As a blogger myself, I like pretty, functional things that will make my blogger journey more fun and efficient.  I've complied a list below of some super cute things that I think makes up the ultimate blogger gift guide for the blogger in your life.

If you find something here that you plan on buying… hit me up and tell me how it was received!  I would love to see pictures of how your blogger is using the product!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! The income I make helps me with the expenses of this blog. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


Bloggers love to be organized.  Its the one thing that helps keep them sane.  Here are a few items I know the blogger (or you if you are secretly the blogger in your life) will love.

Planners are a blogger's best friend.  This planner in particular is so helpful in planning everything in your blogging journey.  From blog post content, to social media posts, to email newsletters.  And it is so darn stinking cute I can hardly stand it!

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Not everything a blogger writes in on a computer or a tablet.  Sometimes they just want to jot something down.  Cute notebooks are great for letting a blogger just brain dump their ideas so they don't forget that next brilliant thing to do!

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Photography Essentials

Every blogger knows that great photography is a must for their blog and their brand.  My brand of camera has always been Canon and that is probably because my first camera is a Canon.  You don't have to have a fancy camera that you can change out the lens (ie DSLR) to take great photos.  I found this Canon Power Shot that gives you all of the features of manual settings to have control over your shot and an optical zoom that is flexible.  This is a great bundle to start with and will handle most blogger's photography's needs.

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The next step up on the photograpy game is to get a DSLR.  This is what I have and I find I love the flexibility to exchange out lenses to get different effects depending on what I am shooting.  This camera is what I currently have. It comes in a bundle with tons of accessories.  I paid around $1000 for the body and just one lens.  This bundle is a GREAT price compared to what I bought a couple of years ago.

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And for those who are looking for a light, not bulky, DSLR camera, then mirrorless is the way to go. Mirrorless cameras are great for the blogger who likes to travel. Just pack the camera body (which doesn't take up much space) and one or two lenses and you are set! Canon just released the EOS R. It is light and compact and takes great photos.  It is definitely on my Christmas list to get.  Hopefully Santa will think I have been a good little blogger this year.

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If you are a DIY blogger, taking great photographs is essential.  I use this light box to take pictures of my finished cards.  It helps with getting nice bright light on my projects and reduces unnecessary shadows.  For me this is a must.

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If your blogger's blog is centered around travel or something else that is outside, having a drone would be the perfect gift.  I just picked this up recently myself.  You can see the first video I made with the DJI Phantom 4 Drone on my youtube channel.

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Electronic Essentials

Bloggers are always on their devices.  And make sure your tablet and phones are charged in at all times is a must! Being able to wirelessly charge your device is super easy and a great resource. I love this cute wireless charger in pink 🙂

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Office Supplies

Bloggers sit for hours on end so having a chair that supports posture is a must.  I love this chair because it has all kinds adjustments so you can get the fit just right.  As an interpreter for the deaf, and work part time in a call center, this chair has made a world of difference at work.  It has worked wonders in helping all of the aches and pains that come with sitting for long periods of time.

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Good posture is important and that involves making sure your feet lay in a natural position on the floor.  I find a foot rest that is adjustable is important, especially if you have short legs like myself.

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I hate clutter and try to avoid it whenever I can.  And having a wireless key board and mouse is the way to avoid having excess wires around.  I have a Mac so I am going to share what I have, but also include options for those who use a PC.

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Website Hosting & Themes

Every blogger needs host their website somewhere.  Getting great service is an absolute must when selecting a web host.  Here are two great companies that I have worked with.  I am currently Siteground for my main website (www.stampmesomelove.com) and I use Bluehost for KYRealEstatePhotography.com.
Web Hosting

Bloggers, especially female bloggers like me, love pretty themes for their blogs.  It makes website design so much easier when you purchase a theme to help you get the brand you are looking for.  I have found some really pretty feminine themes that I'm sure your blogger (aka you) will be sure to love.

Jasmine WordPress Theme
by: Angie Makes

  • Fully Responsive over all platforms
  • Change your site width, content width, edge padding, and sidebar width to whatever width you like.
  • Control every font, image, and color of your site with our new user-friendly customizer panel
  • SEO Optimized
  • Set up shop with WooCommerce
  • Several Spots for Advertisement Banners


Pretty Chic WordPress Theme
by: Pretty Darn Cute Design

  • Featured Widget Area at the bottom of each page.
  • Sticky Header & Navigation
  • Ad space on every single page – highest converting placement.
  • In Post Navigation
  • 20+ WordPress Video Tutorials
  • eCommerce Ready!
  • Retina Ready Everything
  • Custom Archive Page Template
  • After Post Widget Area
  • Greek Key Background to emphasize widget areas
  • The option to use One, Two or Three navigation menus.


Isabelle Theme
by: Bluechic

  • Theme zip file.
  • Step-by-step tutorials so you can confidently set up the theme yourself.
  • Quick support from us, the developer & designer duo who create and build all of the themes.
  • Lifetime theme updates at no additional cost.


Blog Lady
by Prettier Web

  • Totally Responsive for Mobile
  • SEO Friendly
  • Push-button Demo Install
  • 1, 2 or 3 Column Blog Layouts
  • Announcement Bar
  • Widgetized Call-to-Action / Ad Spots

And if those themes don't tickle your fancy, here are some more for you to check out.

Monthly Subscriptions Blog Tools

There are numerous tools out there to help bloggers manage their every day life as a content creator.  I use all of these almost on a daily basis, and I can not image my blog life without them.

Convertkit ~ Email subscription lists are the lifeblood of a blogger's business.  Other than their website, it is the only thing we truly own.  Social media changes their algorithm all of the time making it harder and harder to drive traffic to our websites.  Having an email subscriber list that you can nurture and sell to is essential.   Convertkit is a email service provider that has awesome automation capabilities.  I used to use Mailchimp and Constant Contact in the past but nothing has changed my engagement with my readers like Convertkit.

Canva ~ Every blogger needs to have graphics on their website.  A blog without graphics is very boring and hard on the eyes of the reader.  I LOVE Canva because of its ease of use.  I use Canva to create my watermarked images and cover images for my blog post and social media images.  Canva has a free version which is usually enough to satisfy most bloggers needs or you can upgrade to a paid version (which I have done), so you can upload brand fonts and the ability to resize your images.  There are ton more reasons to upgrade.

PicMonkey ~ Some folks prefer PicMonky over Canva.  It is very easy to use and there are a ton of tutorials online on how to use PicMonkey for your graphic overlays.  They also have a free version for you to try out before determining if that is the graphic program you works for you best.

Tailwind ~ Pinterest is the number one traffic source for my blog.  Pinning every day at very specific times of the day is very time consuming and almost impossible to do on a consistent basis.

TastyPIns ~ I love TastyPins because it is great for managing my images that I pin to Pinterest.  One important feature is the use of having a separate field for your “alt text” and your “description” of the pin.  Alt text is supposed to be used to describe what the image is or looks like.  This is for users who are blind or low vision and use a screen reader.  If you are using the alt text field correctly and writing text like “woman with red dress looking at her watch”, and someone pins that image, that is the description that will show on your Pinable image on Pinterest.  What you really wanted it to say was “Use this planner to help you with your time management” or  something like that because it is using keywords you want to rank for.  TastyPIns allows you to have a place for both your alt text (which is great for SEO) and the description of the pin for Pinterest (which is great for Pinterest ranking).

MiloTree ~ Increasing your social following, as a blogger, is important.  Especially if you seeking work doing sponsored posts.  I love MiloTree because while it is a popup on your website, it is small and not intrusive.  You can set when it will pop up and which social media channel it will display first. And when the user comes back to your site, it will rotate to the next social media platform.

Blogging Courses

Learning how to blog and how to monitize your site to earn income can be overwhelming and time consuming.  There are resources all over the internet.  Knowing who and what to trust can be difficult.  I have listed a few courses I took that really changed the way I operate my blog and monitize it.

Learning WordPress

Understanding WordPress ~ There are several platforms out there that you can blog from but hands down, WordPress (self-hosted) is the best way to go.  You own the site and are not relying on another platform to run it.  You back it up yourself (or hire someone to do that) and you can move that site to whatever host you would like to have it live on. Grayson Bell is a great teacher and this course is a must when just learning about wordrpress.

Email Subscriber List Building

List Love ~ The number one thing every blogger should invest in is building their email list.  Just like creating your blog on wordpress because you own it and control it, an email list is something a blogger owns.  You don't have to worry about the social media gods to bless you with traffic.  You just need an email list that you can talk to any time you want.  List Love, The List Building for Bloggers Master Course, was instrumental in my email building.  I went from 30-almost 1000 in 6 months.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest Launch Plan eBook ~ This eBook is written by Jennifer Maker, from JenniferMaker.com, who also wrote List Love.  This book transformed my traffic to my blog.  I would highly highly recommend getting this book to learn a strategy of pinning to Pinterest to drive traffic back to you site.  You can read my post on how the Pinterest Launch Plan changed my blog traffic.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Master Course ~ This course changed the way looked at my blog and how I can earn a living from it.  It is hands down one of the most comprehensive guide on affiliate marketing.  Here are just a few things this course focuses on:

  • How to find affiliate networks.
  • How to apply for them, how to insert special links in your blogs.
  • Strategies on how to optimize your site to earn revenue for sharing with your readers products that you love.
  • Most importantly, how to stay legal while doing it.

This blog post in itself is an example of that.  I have embedded links to various brands and vendors that I like know and trust, and am sharing it with you.  If you click through one of the links, and purchase something, then I get a small commission just for sharing it with you.  It doesn't cost you any extra and I'm able to carve out an income from it.  Win-Win for everyone.

Photography & Graphic Design

iPhone Photography for Creatives ~ You do not need a fancy camera to take great photos.  Almost everyone these days has a smart phone with a fancy camera on it.  Here is an excellent course on how to up your blogging game with iPhone photography.

Canva Design Masterclass ~ Being able to crank out graphic assets for your blog fast and easy is an essential in any blogger's journey.  Canva, as mentioned, above is a great free resource for bloggers who do not want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.  Kara Fidd, the course instructor, offers many courses on graphic design and has many templates ready for you to use.  Sign up for this class and help your learning curve to become shorter.  Giving you more time to create content!

What Else?

I hope this gift guide has been beneficial to you.  If you know of anything I should add, please do leave a comment below.  And if you are interested in learning more about how you can make money from blogging, sign up for my blogging newsletter below.