Show & Tell: Color Theme Swap

Everyone loves to get cards in the mail.  At least I do.  Every month, I host a card swap.  This is where crafters from all over the country create 5 beautiful cards, all of the same design, and send them to me in the mail.  Then I take those 5 cards and swap them out with 5 different cards from the other crafters.  I absolutely love seeing all of the cards come in.  It is a special treat for me each month.



This month I asked the crafters to send me a 6th card if they wanted me to showcase their work on my blog.  Between the cards I swapped myself and those who sent me th extra 6th card. I think I got almost everyone's card to create this blog post.

Funny story.  I had all of the cards laid out ready to do the swapping.  You can see a video on how I host a card swap here.  I had then started to sort the cards back into the envelopes to get them ready to mail back out to the crafters when I discovered an intact swap that had not gotten sorted.

This meant I had to start all over, putting the cards back to their respective creators's envelope.  Well not everyone put their names with their individual cards, so I panicked.  I had to reach out to my peeps in my facebook group, Card Makers ~ Card Swap, to see if anyone could tell me which card belonged to who.  Well I managed to get it all straight again, and resorted and sent the swap out.

However, when I got ready to do my video (see below), I had some cards that did not have names on them. Ugh… So that being said, some of these cards below I don't know who to give credit to.  So if one of these cards are yours… then let me know and I'll update this blog post.

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Watch the Video

Featured Artists

Here are the beautiful cards that came through.  Some of them have links to the creator's website.  Be sure to check them out!


Artist: Lynda Benden


Artist: unknown


Artist: Tandie Dahnke


Artist: Kristen Mackay


Artist: Angela Sprouse

Artist: Natalie Scavone


Artist: Unknown


Artist: Brandy Small


Artist: Tammy Boyd


Artist: Unknown


Artist: Jane Uzl


Artist: Kathi Case

Join the Spring Flower Card Swap

Would love for you to join me in my Color Theme card swap that is taking place March 9, 2019. It's a mail in swap.  You can get details of the card swap here.

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