Pinterest Launch Plan E-Book Changed My Blog Traffic

Today I want to share with you a resource I recently discovered.  I purchased an e-book called, Pinterest Launch Plan,  from a fellow crafter, Jennifer Maker Marx (not a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator), on how to increase traffic to my blog through a very specific Pinterest strategy she uses. As many of you know, I have been blogging for about a year now.  Actually August 16th is when I published my first blog post. I can't believe it has been a year!

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Dreams of Making It Big Time

I had many dreams of where I wanted to take my blog.  Big dreams of earning a full time income from creating cards projects, sharing them on my blog, and magically I would be earning money from it somehow.  Well that did not happen.  For about 9 months I was just sort of posting with out any real purpose and just basically all over place.  I started getting serious about finding strategies on how to build my blog and figure out how to monetize it.

My aha moment!

I am not sure how I found Jennifer to begin with, but I ended up on a craft room organization challenge.  She emailed daily challenges on what to do to organize my craft room. In one of those emails, she mentioned an email blogging course she had on how to make money from a craft blog.  And a light bulb went off.  I said to myself, “OMG,… this exactly what I have been looking for… someone in the craft industry who is making money from their blog” and off I went to sign up for her mini blogging course.

The one thing she emphasized over and over again, was that I needed an email list.  And as it happened, she had a email list course that I signed up for.  I'll write another blog post later about my success on how I grew my list of 30 (basically all friends, family, and a few stampin' up customers) to over 130 in just a little over 2 months.

The reason why I even mention all of this now before I get into the good stuff, is that I ended up purchasing Pinterest Launch Plan from Jennifer because I had already seen success with the email list course she had.

I purchased it on June 28th and started implementing the strategies the next day. I have over 30 days in using the strategy now.

Interesting before & after stats implementing the strategy

June 2018

  • Sessions 643
  • Pageviews 1106
  • 34.26% of traffic from Pinterest (#2 referral source)

July 2018

  • Sessions 1929
  • Pageviews 2617
  • 50.92 % of traffice from Pinterest (#1 referral source)

In sessions, that is a 300% increase from June to July, and in pageviews it is a 236% increase.

My Take Aways

Stamp Me Some Love blog is still very small at this point, and I am quite actively building it. My blog goals are to #1 increase pageviews to 10K per month, and to increase my email list to 1000 (right now it is at 137). One of the strategies that Jennifer explains is the benefit from group boards. There are some out there that say group boards are dead.  In some ways I agree based on how Pinterest's platform has changed, but I can't deny the increase in traffic I have gotten in just one month.

I don't share these numbers with you to brag.  Only to say that I am super pleased with the results I have found with this Pinterest Strategy and I think anyone else who is considering a craft niche blog could see similar results if they gave it a try.

So if you have a blog and you have been struggling to 1) figure out how to increase your page views with Pinterest or 2) once you get those page views, how to grow your email list, then I seriously suggest you consider taking a look at these two courses that Jennifer Maker Marx has created.

The Pinterest Launch Plan & List Love (The List Building for Bloggers Master Course)

Where to get more help

If you are looking for a space to just share tips and tricks of blogging then consider joining my Blogging Facebook Group.  It's called “Create & Blog Like You Mean It“.  Although not entirely, it is mostly other craft creatives, so its fun to brainstorm and ask other people who “get” what you are blogging about for advice.  And if you would like access to the mini blogging course I am developing, please fill the form out below and put on my waiting list.  I'll notify you once the mini blog course is complete!

Want to remember this resource? Save it to your Favorite Pinterest Board!

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