Balloons & Banners Birthday Card Swap

Let's create birthday cards with balloons & banners!

What is a card swap? A card swap is a fun way to make 5 of the same card, send them in, and get 5 beautiful cards back to use!

This is a brand/vendor non-exclusive swap.  You may use any product, current or retired, in the creation of your swap as long as you adhere to the current theme.

This month's theme is birthday cards using balloons and/or banners.  You may use any color scheme, technique, stamp set you want.  Somewhere on the card it must either show an image of balloons or banners and the sentiment must reference birthday.

I am will be creating a special blog post on my website featuring some of the cards from this swap.  If you would like your card featured, please send an extra card (6 instead of 5) for me to use in the blog post.  If you have a website you would like me to link to, please include that in the info you send with your cards.


  • This swap is for 5 CARDs. This is 5 cards all of the same design.
  • This is mainly a US swap, however if you are international and are able to purchase enough US postage to send yours back internationally, you are welcome to participate.  I can drop it off at a UPS or Fedex dropbox if that helps, but it must be prepaid.
  • This swap is brand or vendor non-exclusive.  Feel free to use anything in your stash.
  • The cards must have at a minimum of 3 layers.
  • Please do your very best work, clean cuts, straight layers, evenly stamped solid images.
  • A standard “card” is considered a “post card” style 5-1/2 x 4-1/4″. This can be achieved by cutting an 8.5×11 sheet in 2. Either 5.5 x 8.5 scored at 4.25 or 4.25 x 11 scored at 5.5 or some combination of that so that it fits in a standard size envelope.
  • All swap cards MUST be in a clear envelope, ready to display upon receipt. This is an example of a clear envelope that I use from Clear Bags This is so cards do not get mangled. Cards without the clear envelope will not be allowed in the swap. No Exceptions. (If you don't have these envelopes, send an extra $1 per swap and I will put your cards in envelopes. I have extras.)
  • Other than the clear envelope, you do not need to include an actual paper envelope. This is strictly a card swap. If you include a paper envelope, you may not get envelopes back in your swaps.
  • Include a piece of paper (not attached to the card) with your name and any contact information you would like to provide. Supply lists and details are optional and always appreciated.
  • Swap card designs MUST be exclusive to this swap.

When is my Cards due?

  • SWAPS ARE DUE to me NO LATER THAN FRIDAY APRIIL 12TH, NO EXCEPTIONS. I live in Kentucky so plan accordingly on how long it will take you to mail your swap.
  • Any swaps received after that date will be returned unopened.
  • Mail them early to avoid last minute stress. Local customers can drop them off at my house.


  • Place each individual swap card in a  Clear Envelope:
  • Place cards in a gallon sized zip lock bag. IMPORTANT: Mark your NAME on each bag.
  • You MUST include a SELF-ADDRESSED, POSTAGE PAID Return Envelope or Box, tracking number. Flat Rate Priority envelope is recommended, you can use click and ship labels on
    ***DO NOT require that your package be signed for.****
  • For local customers in the Lexington, KY area, you may drop your swaps off instead of mailing them, but you must include the postage paid Return Envelope or Box, or you may pick it up from my home.

I have a facebook event page where you may go to “mark” that you will be attending so that I may give you the mailing address. Here is the link to the facebook group event page.

If you do not have facebook, you may contact me directly by clicking here to email me or by texting me at 512-565-5319.

Click that you are “going” to the event, and I will fb message you the address you will need to mail your swap to.IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A MESSAGE FROM ME, PLEASE REACH OUT.  SOMETIMES I MAY NOT SEE THAT YOU HAVE INDICATED YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE.

I’m excited for the swap. Let me know if you have questions.

If you can not participate in this swap but want to be alerted to future swaps, join our Card Maker – Card Swap group on facebook.

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