Amazon Prime Day is a MUST for Crafters

I love Amazon Prime.  I wasn't sure when I first signed on if I would purchase enough to warrant the subscription fee.  I thought OK, I'll sign up for the free trial and then I will realize that it is not worth it… That I will never order enough.  Wrong! What hooked me on Amazon was the free 2 day shipping.  Ya see, if I am going to order online, I wanted it as quickly as possible without paying an arm and a leg for shipping, otherwise I would just go to the store and get it right?…. Well when I discovered the free 2 day shipping option on qualified items I was in.

At first I just started buying things I couldn't find in my local stores, but then I quickly realized that I could also use Amazon Prime to shop for my crafting supplies.  I was amazed at all of the items that Amazon carries.  And because I didn't have to worry about ordering a certain amount to get a savings on the shipping.  I could just order one item and have it delivered right to my door 2 days later! It was so easy!

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So How Do Crafters Get Amazon Prime?

It's super easy! Just go here and sign up! Keep in mind, Prime is not free. I initially didn't want to sign up for it because it was not free, but when I discovered I got free 2 day shipping, I decided to sign up for their FREE trial.

Yes I got to check out prime for free for 30 days! Of course, once I found out how amazing Prime was I was hooked.  And shopping for me has never been the same.

Tip: If you are a student with a valid .edu email address, you can sign up for a 6 month FREE trial.  That to me is crazy! But hey, they offer it so why not take advantage of it.

What are the benefits to Amazon Prime for Crafters?

One I started using Amazon Prime, I discovered many other benefits that people like me, a crafter, can get using my Prime membership.  Here is a short list of benefits you might be interested in.

  • Free two day shipping if you live in the contiguous 48 states. (As mentioned before… this was a game changer for me). And if you live in larger city, you might even get same day delivery at no extra charge!
  • Free movies – this is my favorite benefits.  I love watching movies while I craft.
  • Free music – another favorite.  Sometimes the craft project I am working on requires alot of attention so I will listen to music instead.
  • Unlimited photo storage – you know me, a photographer at heart… I never have enough room on my computer to store all of my photographs so this benefit is super! And offline storage can be quite expensive depending on how many pictures you have.
  • Early access to Amazon lighting deals.  Warning: This can be very addicting! Get access to deals 30 minutes before anything else!
  • Free audiobooks – I just downloaded my first audiobook from amazon! Love it!

There are many more benefits to Amazon Prime (check out this list of 22 benefits ever member gets) but last but not least….


There some amazing craft deals available during Amazon Prime Day but you have to be a Prime Member to take advantage of them.  So sign up for Amazon Prime now and then check out my Amazon Prime Day Craft Deals which I will be uploading throughout Prime Day!